Life On Your Terms Balance Wheel

Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to creating proactive, work-life integration.

Work-Life Balance is no longer possible and is an outdated form of thinking.  But Work-Life Integration is.  If you have a feeling of being unfulfilled and an internal yearning for more in life, we understand, and are here to tell you you’re right. There is more to life, and it is worth it, but it takes the effort.  Just as you wouldn’t set a goal of making money and then just sit back hope for it to happen, work-life integration takes focus and let’s face it hope is a crappy strategy. But here is the real secret, when you focus on living life fully integrated you become the best partner, parent friend, and in the best health you have ever been in.  As a result you become the best business leader, boss or owner you ever could be.  When you live fully integrated, you make better decisions, have better focus and maximize your business.  If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would your integrated life look like in a year.

The first step in achieving any big goal in life is to determine your starting point.  To create this awareness for work-life integration we have created the LoYT Balance Wheel.  Looking at the above wheel as an example, how would you rank how you are doing in the above quadrants.  Are you balanced and well rounded or lopsided with opportunities for improvement?  Picking one area of opportunity what could you do, today, to start to improve this?

If you are willing to invest the time, about 6 minutes, you can create your own, custom to just for you assessment to clearly see where you are starting from. Go to Balance Assessment – Life On Your Terms (lifeon-yourterms.com) Once you are done it will provide you immediate results.

Every journey starts with a single step. But you have to take that step. If you do nothing, and you are in the same spot in six months you are today. What would that feel like?  Don’t let that happen, your worth it and the life awaiting you is amazing.

If you have questions, comments, or would like to learn more, please contact us!

Keep Smiling,