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We are living in some weird times. The news media tends to focus on negatives…and there is definitely no shortage of negatives right now. However, I believe this is also an amazing opportunity to help and serve others. I will illustrate with one of my favorite quotes below.

“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say: ‘This was their finest hour.’”
― Winston S. Churchill, “Their Finest Hour” speech

I am not saying what we are facing today is equal to what the British faced during The Blitz. That was a time of daily mass bombings of London in World War II; a time during which over 80 million people were killed worldwide.

However, this may be a defining moment in this generation’s life. I would prefer to look at where people are helping each other rather than focus on the fistfights over toilet paper at Walmart.

I believe this will be a time where leading by example and starting with even the simplest of things has the potential to leave a lasting impact. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind during these unpredictable and unprecedented times:

  1. Stay positive
    1. When you see others, remember to smile.
    1. Saying hello and using simple courtesies can help remind us of our humanity.
    1. When someone is scared, listen. Don’t dismiss them; instead, try to point out a positive.
    1. Start and end your day by thinking of two to three positive things. It can be as simple as ‘The sun is shining’ or ‘I have a roof over my head’.
    1. Minimize and manage your media consumption.
  • Stay connected
    • Stay-in-place directives are isolating us more and more. Understand this and address it with intention.
    • Call, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime with family, friends, and loved ones. Schedule it out so you can see each other. For example, we recently shared a meal with two sets of friends via Zoom. It is not what we would typically do, but it makes a difference during this isolation period.
    • Check-in frequently and remain positive.
  • Think of others
    • Think about those around you. What skills or resources do you have that could be of value to others?
    • I have offered free strategic facilitation sessions to all my current, previous, and potential clients to help mitigate damage and to create a strategy going forward.
    • The other day, I reached out to our neighbors to make sure they had our phone number. I wanted to let them know we are happy to help them out if needed.
  • Be accountable
    • Although it is hard to think about upending our lives, shifting what we do on a daily basis is becoming increasingly necessary for all of us. By being aware, and practicing social distancing and diligent handwashing, we are doing our part to lessen the potential consequences.
    • Be patient. This crisis is already becoming politicized, and I can’t imagine the challenges the decision-makers are facing. I am not saying I agree with them, but we are all in this together. How can we focus on the positive, look at this as one country under siege, and do our part to help?
    • Focus on being proactive versus reactive. How can you own where you are today and plan for the future?
    • Remember, we are likely just getting started with this enormous change. Keep that in mind and prepare for the marathon to come.
  • Be generous
    • There are a ton of people who are hurting and scared. If you have funds to spare, be generous.
    • Think about giving more money to your place of worship, delivery drivers, neighbors, family, etc.

Even though we do not know what the future holds for our world, I truly believe that this can become our finest hour.

I would love to hear your thoughts and stories of success and victories – please share them with me by clicking here.

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