Here’s the takeaway: An Accountability Chart simplifies delegation.


When business owners first launch their business, it’s just them. For many solopreneurs, they are the company. This means that delegating can be nearly impossible or they have to go to an outside contractor. How can they find other people who can carry things on just as well as they can?  However, they won’t grow if they can’t figure out how delegate and elevate themselves to their highest and most financially productive best use.

Think of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Facebook is a juggernaut growing in 900 different directions at the same time. This means that for him, done is better than perfect. There is no possible way he can get everything at Facebook done that needs to be done. He has to let it go and let others get t it done, get it out there. This is precisely the reason to have an Accountability Chart. The biggest reason that most business owners aren’t willing to let go and delegate is because they’re in the habit of doing it all, they know how to do it all, and to let any of that go is hard. It is scary.

 They’re afraid that stuff is going to fall through the cracks and that it’s not going to get done. With an Accountability Chart, the business owner knows exactly what’s getting done with crystal-clear accountability. If this is done, it lets the business owner stop worrying and go do the things that they’re great at, and that’s the most important thing.  Ideally, when some task is delegated from one person to another and the expectations are clear, that new person can do a better job than the person before them.

I was in a meeting the other day with a group of restaurateurs, and the visionary of the group was able to turn around and coordinate the opening of an entirely separate restaurant within sixty days. This time frame is unheard of and he worked extraordinarily hard.  However, one of the main reasons he was able to do this was because he’s been able to delegate to his Integrator, someone he really trusts. His integrator and team all have a clear accountability chart so that everyone clearly knows what they are accountable for.  The Visionary’s  job is to go find new businesses and to find new opportunities, and he could do it, just like that. It was beautiful!

Making sure everyone is crystal clear on what they are accountable for allow for everyone to elevate to where they will excel and simplify everyone’s responsibilities.

If you need help establishing accountability and delegating tasks, feel free to give me a call and I’m happy to talk- no obligations, just here to help. Check back next week for more ways to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.

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