“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” – Aristotle

Previously, I outlined why setting goals works and how reviewing past victories can put you in the right frame of mind for creating clear, bold, and healthy goals. Also, I discussed the importance of knowing your priorities and how your True North will enhance the strength of the goals you set.

As I discussed in the last post, financial goals are important, yet I think we often forget that finances are simply a tool to help support most people’s ideal goals. In future posts, I’ll address how we specifically outlined our financial goals.

In this post, I’ll outline a tool we used to assess both the strong aspects of our life and those which needed focus.

To assess our overall balance, I made some adjustments to what many call “a wheel of life”.

Here’s a quick review of each:

  • Relationships:
    • Partner (Spouse or significant other)
    • Family (Kids, parents, siblings, etc.)
    • Friends (You get the picture)
  • Professional:
    • Environment (Do you like where you work or does is suck?)
    • Compensation (Are you getting paid what you’re worth and do you get the time off you want?)
    • Job satisfaction (Do you “get” to go to work or “have” to go to work?)
  • Resources:
    • Time (How are you managing your time?)
    • Treasure (How are the finances, such as the house, car, or travel?)
    • Knowledge (Can you be doing anything to increase your base and learn more?)
  • Health:
    • Physical (Are you where you want to be?)
    • Mental (Again, are you where you want to be?)
    • Spiritual (What is your spiritual groove and are you following it?)

From here, we reviewed one quadrant at a time to assess how we were doing in each of the three categories. The intention of each category is to look from a mile-high perspective at what has the biggest impact on this component. Then, we reviewed the following:

  1. How are we doing here?
  2. How important is this to us?
  3. What can we do to make this better?

We took the time to review these and discussed each of them before embarking on our trip. The main reason for this is that I believe our subconscious is an amazing tool that works all the time. By reviewing these quadrants, asking these questions, and then processing through them, we were in a much better spot when it came time to start building a new round of goals.

Again, these are the types of things I’ve helped folks with in the past. If you have questions or thoughts, please reach out! I would be privileged to talk through them with you.

Next week, we’ll dig in to how we actually started building and developing our goals.

Do you need help finding balance? We’re always here to help, no expectations or obligation. Reach out anytime! Feel free to share this with someone who could find value.

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