flames out of a fireWhen it comes down to it, the only wrong decision you can make is none at all. A great leader needs to have the confidence to make a decision, move forward, and own the consequences, good or bad.

When you are faced with a decision and can’t confidently say “hell yes” or “hell no,” that leaves you in one place: hell.

Tough decisions are a part of life. Every day you probably have a decision on your plate that could reasonably go either way.

In all of my previous businesses, there has been a policy that if a decision needs to be made, that it is made quickly, and that we all move forward and own the consequences together. The only wrong decision was not making one.

How long do you typically ponder over one of these decisions? Do you go with your gut reaction or do you start making complex calculations or develop an extensive list of pros and cons, agonizing over the potential consequences?

The longer you agonize, the more time you waste. And your time is so valuable. By the time you actually make your decision, you could have done more harm than if you had just made the wrong decision and moved on.

Now, I’m not advocating thoughtless decision-making. But standing still for too long will kill your momentum and erode the confidence that others have placed in you. Because when it comes to being an effective leader of both people and a company, assertiveness wins and indecision kills.

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photo credit: Fire Closeup via photopin (license)

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