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Blog #206

As discussed in the first three parts of this blog series (Blogs #203, #204, and #205), organizations usually go through four distinct stages while on their journey to success. These stages are:

  • Reactive and Stuck
  • Stabilize and In Transition
  • Proactive and Planning
  • Thriving and Focused

This week, we will explore the fourth and final stage, Thriving and Focused. Few organizations reach this stage, and even fewer can stay in it for years on end. When you first enter this phase, it is exciting; the organization is typically firing on all cylinders. The leadership team has a clear direction and vision for the organization, and all members are open, honest, and fit together nicely. When organizations hit this level, they are likely succeeding beyond what they had thought was possible. 

You know you are here when you can look at your goals and “Rocks” and every single one of them is focused on building towards or exploring something new that will impact the future – they are not focused on addressing something that is currently a mess. A thriving organization will not have people issues; rather, it will have a clear vision with long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals that each person in the organization knows, loves, and believes in. A thriving organization has a very healthy environment where honest conflict is frequent and presented in a manner that has the best interest of the organization in mind. The thriving organization demonstrates clear metrics that are used, known, and embraced by all to ensure the company’s financial goals are met.

If you have achieved this stage, congratulations! You are among a very rare few who have found their groove and are truly thriving.

All of this is possible, but it may not always be easy. It can be challenging to maintain focus on the most important things and not become complacent. I believe that keeping the vision clear, ensuring that the right people are in the right seats, and that everyone is being accountable helps to minimize future growing pains.

Often, when companies grow too much and experience a new round of growing pains, or when they say “Good enough” and get stagnant, they drop out of this stage. Either way here is dangerous. It is during this time when it becomes highly critical that the leadership team is healthy and willing to call on each other when things start shifting or going down a negative path. The silver lining is that even if you are in an organization that has been or is currently stuck in negativity, remember that tomorrow is a new day. It is 100% possible to achieve this stage when you have the right team and the right vision.

I would love to hear your feedback on this blog series and in which stage your organization is currently functioning. Please email me at [email protected].

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