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Here’s the takeaway of this post: An Integrator is a great filter between a Visionary and the team.

As we build an efficient structure for this company, the general intention is that we go through and start with structure, what it is that people want. Then, we build the right structure of what it should be. In the last post, we talked about the important role of a company’s Integrator as a symphony conductor. The Integrator, like a symphony conductor, orchestrates and oversees everything for the company to make sure it runs smoothly. The Integrator is the one who runs the business and who loves running the business on a day-to-day basis. They’re the ones who love showing up and making sure everything runs great.

A company must always have an Integrator seat, 100% of the time. About 50% of the time, a company also has a Visionary seat. The Visionary is often a founding entrepreneur, has lots of ideas, is very creative, is a strategic thinker and implements the company vision. They’re great with big relationships and company culture. They’re often great with R&D and industry trends. It is not uncommon for the Visionary to have 92 ideas a week, and 91 of them stink: But it’s that last one that helps take their company to the moon.

It’s not uncommon that whoever starts a business has to sit in both seats at first. But if you have a Visionary who is sitting in an Integrator’s seat, the company is going to implode. What I mean by that is that the company will receive all of the Visionary’s attention for about 90 days. Then, the Visionary is likely to get distracted by shiny objects and what was going great before will start to dip. Most Visionaries aren’t great at implementing. They aren’t great at running the day-to-day business. They get distracted and they squirrel a lot. If a Visionary is in charge of everything, they are going to drive their staff crazy. They can have relentless focus for short periods of time or they’ll want to try everything and jump all over the place like a little dog: “Let’s try this, let’s try this, let’s try this.” An Integrator says “No, no, no…Okay, wait a minute, that’s a good idea. Let’s try that.”

Here’s the point: An Integrator is a great filter between a Visionary and the team. If a Visionary can delegate day-to-day tasks to an Integrator and elevate themselves to their true God-given skillset, the Visionary can focus on protecting their vision and growing the company.

Next, we will dive into and identifying the most important things each role must be accountable for.

If you know a company that might benefit from dividing leadership between a Visionary and an Integrator, please share this post with them. And always, feel free to reach out with no obligations: We’re here to help.

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