Not long ago, I was privileged to attend a presentation by Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, a business coaching experience for entrepreneurs. I’m a huge fan of his writing and know a few people who have participated in his experiences. It was fun and enlightening to hear his perspectives on things.

One of the areas I concentrate on with my clients is ‘just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should’. In many cases, I will suggest one of several tools that can help them delegate tasks so they can focus their energy on areas that are the highest and best use of their time. Once the highest and best use has been defined, it can empower them to dream bigger.

I’m also a fan of saying that once a person has the dream, they can break it down, figure out how to go after it then go step by step to achieve it.

Dan added a different spin on this that, I believe, is of tremendous value. His point was to adjust your perspective and don’t think about how you do something, but who can you delegate or hire to make your dream a reality. From here, think about how you help, empower, train, provide resources to, mentor, or enable the person to be great and assist you in achieving your dream. Just as some folks are great with big thinking and ideas, others are fantastic at executing those ideas and making them a reality.

I continue hearing – with greater frequency – that entrepreneurial thinking is becoming more recognized and valued as a unique skillset. I often see where entrepreneurs are trying to act as the idea and the execution person. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. This shift in my thinking has helped me to see the real value in looking at achieving dreams by first identifying who can execute and implement the idea to help attain the entrepreneur’s dream.

From the perspective of the entrepreneur and as a person who is flooded with ideas, we often take this thinking for granted. However, when we candidly assess the situation, there are likely others who could do a better job of executing the idea. 

As your business grows, remember your highest and best use to the organization may be to dream big, and help to define the opportunities and direction for the future. From this point, it may also be your highest and best use to define who can be the person to make those dreams a reality. 

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