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Helping organizations get to the next level and beyond is my specialty. I feel that I am clarifying and defining the growth curve due to a combination of working with some new organizations along with several mid- and long-term clients. I believe there are typically four stages in the evolutionary path that these leadership teams and companies go through.

In this four-piece blog series, I will review what each stage looks like and tips for identifying how your organization is doing.

Here are the stages:

  • Reactive and Stuck
  • Stabilize and In Transition
  • Proactive and Planning
  • Thriving and Focused

In this blog, #203, we will explore the dynamics of the first stage, as well as my firsthand experience with it.

I believe that very few organizations get to the point where they thrive and see focused growth. However, when a team is ready, it is absolutely fun to facilitate and observe. In my experience, this point of thriving is so rare that I would bet most organizations are surviving in a reactive mode despite their best efforts.

Stage 1: Reactive and Stuck

This is where most organizations exist. Even if at one point in time, they were thriving, they have likely been stuck somewhere along the way…and few businesses are able to discover how to dig out and advance to the next stage. I see this pattern when organizations are strictly in a reactionary mode. They are not controlling where they are going, who they are working with, or who works for them. Virtually everything they are doing is reactive. I specifically see this manifest in the issues they identify along with the goals and ‘Rocks’ they set.

If you are curious about your organization’s status, ask the following question: Are your issues, goals, and ‘Rocks’ a result of something that happened (i.e., reactionary)? Or are they intentional, forward-focused, and help propel you towards something in the future? This stage can often feel like Groundhog Day or like you are sinking in quicksand. It is at this stage when most business leaders reach out for my guidance.

This is seen when a senior leader or leadership team feels completely stuck or like nothing they have tried is working well. Itis likely they are working way too hard for the results they are seeing, but they just can’t figure out how to break the pattern. This is when they need someone from the outside to help adjust their thinking.

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