Goals: Write Them Down!

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Recently, Reka and I returned from a conference in Dallas where we took a few extra days to have our own personal retreat. Since we are both essentially Solopreneurs, this works well for us. Because our business and personal lives have become so intertwined, we weave in a combination of our business objectives and personal goals. Next month, we will be facilitating a couples retreat and we needed to take the time to practice what we preach. If you are interested in the retreat click here: https://solopreneur-life.com/ We have been busy with life, but we both know we need to invest the time.   

I am embarrassed to admit I forget how powerful it is to participate in these quarterly goal reviews.. As someone who makes his living helping leadership teams achieve their dreams and become their best selves, and as someone who personally sets goals and has for the last 30 years, you would think I would get it. I love this process of reviewing written out goals: determining what worked and what didn’t, clarifying where someone is headed, what they want, defining what next steps, and writing it down. I have done it so much, I assumed it would be an old hat and maybe become a bit boring.

I have to say, it is the exact. opposite.

As Reka and I reviewed our document that reflects who we are, our visualization of what a great year will look like, our goals, our quarterlies, and more, we both sat back in amazement. The more we do this process, the clearer our path become. We started our review during our plane ride to Dallas and we were both surprised by how much we had achieved and how truly fortunate we have been – we feel blessed by the abundance around us. And we are better able to see this abundance by completing this process together. Taking the time to review, reassess, and document what’s next is extremely powerful…and when you are in alignment with a partner, spouse, or team, it is nothing short of incredible.

Reka and I sit in amazement in all that we accomplished this year, our list is seems huge! I credit this to two things. First, Reka and I have been together for over 20 years, and we are becoming even closer and we are dreaming bigger. I believe that extraordinary often lives in the unreasonable, so BE UNREASONABLE. For us, we have pushed this thinking hard in 2019: completing multiple ultra-marathons, publishing a book, and an increase in our education and personal development. Again, these are extraordinary for us and on our terms. I encourage you to go out, be unreasonable, and dream big.

The second key ingredient for success is to write down your goals. That’s it. I am becoming a believer in the cosmic order of things. Be simple, clear, and specific about what you need to do to achieve your goals then write down a completion date for each one. The universe wants to give us everything we want, but it is up to us to be clear about our desires.

Now, it is up to you to dive in, write out your goals, but keep in mind to eat that elephant one bite at a time. Work through those objectives. Review, reassess, and adjust accordingly. What you can achieve is truly extraordinary.

Are you interested in learning more about setting goals? Do you have questions about how Reka and I complete this process? We can help with that! Please contact us today to find out how.

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