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I recently hosted a gentleman in my home from Brazil. He is an economist visiting the U.S. through an outreach experience. I enjoyed watching how much he embraced and used certain online tools and social media platforms. Like most people, he probably would have felt lost without his smart phone, Facebook access, laptop, and Skype.

I do not speak Portuguese, but I could truly appreciate his photos, maps, and charts. (I was lost with any of the written content and some of our oral discussions.) This reiterated to me how much social media can reach across international boundaries, and it emphasized how important clear, quality content really is.

Business Overseas

The international prowess and reach of social media is growing and enabling businesses in the United States to reach target markets and communities overseas. Likewise, businesses in other countries can reach strategic markets and social media communities here in the United States.

Even though our social media operation is based in Omaha, we reach potential customers around the word. We have had people engage with us from every continent of the globe, except Antarctica.

Every business now has the ability to be a publisher (and in almost all cases, you should be publishing). If you are outside of the United States and looking to be successful with social media within the United States, you should follow these 3 rules of content and engagement:

1. Strategy is the cornerstone to successful, targeted social media.

  • What are your companies goals?
    • Generate Leads
    • Find Distributors/ Sales People
    • Create Brand Awareness
  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What do those people care about?
  • Where will you find these people?

2. Authentic, quality Content is king.

  • Authentic written content can only be done by local, native speakers
  • Photos are international and “show”  the story
  • Interviews of local success stories help build trust

3. Consistent, rigorous execution is required.

  • Social media communities can be fickle and people will leave if:
    • What you are saying is not quality
    • What you are writing is not authentic
    • What you write is not in the voice that meets the readers expectations
  • Creating the right targeted social communities by offering genuine pieces of valuable information is critical
  • Consistent, daily engagement is must. Social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

Following these 3 rules can allow any company, big or small, from anywhere in the world to affordably introduce their product into the strategic markets they are trying to reach in the United States — without spending huge amounts of cash on big advertisements.

The tools for success are there, but great tools without quality content are like a cute kitten contest that generate lots of “fans” — it may make you feel good but it doesn’t help you reach your social media goals.

Kris Kluver is a founder of SMC and would be happy to help you reach your businesses goals, here in the United States or abroad.

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