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During this holiday season, I have been reflecting on how grateful I am to live in such abundant and exciting times. I feel like I am the luckiest cat on the planet – and I believe it!

I further believe that we are all the luckiest individuals on the planet.

Now, I can hear some of you saying, “Here we go with the hippy voodoo stuff again.” I get it. I understand that when we say we are unbelievably lucky, it does not fit with the doom-and-gloom narrative of the media and various social channels. I realize that in 2020, we have had a global pandemic, immense professional/work challenges, political upheaval, forced emotional/physical abandonment, and massive disruption of our day-to-day living.

In spite of this, I still say we are the luckiest people to have ever lived. Recognize that we have experienced these huge challenges and yet, here we are. The sun rises every day, kids laugh, seasons change, and life continues rolling on. If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones, as you have the ability to read, probably reside in a first-world country, and live above the average standards of the rest of the world. YOU are one of the lucky ones.

“Humans are the only animals who look at the past with nothing but fondness and the future with nothing but trepidation, even though there is almost zero data to confirm anything but the exact opposite.” In other words, rather than looking to the future with trepidation, we should embrace hope, opportunities, and a chance to restart. Although I cannot recall who said this, I believe it to be extremely accurate. I encourage you to take some time to reflect on it.

I view 2020 as an amazing year – and yes, I lived in it with everyone else. I am most grateful for the teams and senior leaders I had the pleasure of working with. I am proud to say that they learned to thrive and are continuing to grow, despite the unprecedented and challenging circumstances.

Reflecting on this year and the people in my life has shaped my belief that we are all the luckiest people on the planet. I am coming to realize that the universe wants us to have everything we dream of. Every day, it gives us all incredible opportunities, but in most cases, we do not even see one. We walk right on by what could have been.

In 2021, I challenge you to change this type of thinking by:

  1. Creating an awareness to avoid doom and gloom
  2. Embracing what is possible
  3. Visualizing and dreaming what an amazing 2021 will look like
  4. Building a plan to achieve it by writing it out
  5. Doing it and holding yourself accountable

I realize there is a lot of information here, but this process starts with turning off the noise in order to embrace what is possible. Let go of the media and social echo chambers. Understand that every one of us has the same luck – how we benefit from it comes down to how we view it and act upon it. Once you know where you want to go and after you accept the idea that YOU are accountable to make it happen, opportunities will be abundant!

In my heart, I believe we are living in the greatest nation ever and during the most abundant era. I know this is a bold, possibly non-politically correct statement, but I feel that each and every one of us has the opportunity to make our life better and to achieve our dreams. This opportunity is not a right to be given, yet we all have the right to the opportunity to build it for ourselves – THAT is the special sauce. If you can define what you want and determine how hard you are willing to work for it, anything is possible.

During this wonderful, opportunity-filled time, I challenge you to view 2021 through this lens. Look at the positive side of things, practice gratitude, embrace the abundance around you, build a plan, then go out and get it!

Do you want to discover what amazing looks like in your life? Are you interested in learning how to recognize opportunities and to embrace what is possible? We can help with that! Contact us today for a free consultation to find out more.

Keep Smiling,


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