“Vision without execution is hallucination.”

                                                                    – Thomas Edison

Okay, let’s recap. So far, you’ve learned to establish goals, build a plan accordingly, visualize success, shift your perspective, and create impactful, doable lists to achieve your dreams. You’ve made it this far and you’ve done amazing work; in fact, you’ve joined a very small minority of people who have invested time to work on their lives and their relationships. The first round of heavy lifting is done; now comes the second phase, which is just as critical: execution.

Creating some form of regular reminder, accountability, and direction is important. Through our work with virtual peer circles, coaching, and counseling, we know that having regular, consistent ‘Touch Points’ is critical. The work you’ve completed thus far holds an immense amount of value and will have an enormous impact on your life. However, if you really want to turbo-charge this experience, we suggest creating a process and setting time to review this work. 

The specific reason we created this document in a trifold format is so it will easily fit into a pocket or briefcase. We had ours printed out on heavy cardstock. Reka has one, I have one, and I keep an extra copy in my briefcase, which has the positive implication of reminding me of what I need to do when I see it.

Additionally, we wanted to find a regular time when we could review the entire document – from our True North to our Bucket List.

Reka isn’t a fan of chain restaurants; for us, we’re happier and more comfortable with finding an authentic, ethnic hole-in-the-wall joint. So, we decided that for 2018, we’re going to have our Touch Points on a weekly basis – on Friday nights. Now, we bring Our Best Life document along and review it together at dinner. If we happen to be doing something else, we always have time before or after to at least review it. On our date night dinners, we analyze and discuss where we are with things and if we can help another with something.

It’s worth noting that increasing the frequency of these reviews has had an amazing impact on the pace at which we’re achieving our One & Dones and our Quarterly Objectives. In the past, our Touch Points ranged from weekly to quarterly. Without a doubt, weekly provides more value.

Touch Points are just as much about celebrating the week’s victories as they are about holding each other accountable and helping one another to achieve our objectives. Keep them positive and remember the little victories!

We’ll discuss in the next blog what happens at the end of a quarter. Ready to start executing your plans? We’re here to help you take that first leap. No expectation or obligation, reach out anytime!

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