Here’s the takeaway: Your company will not succeed unless you have the right people in the right seats. Here’s an example from my own search for a team member to show you what I mean.

 In his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t, Jim Collins introduces the idea of just how critical it is to find the right people for the right seats. As he says, “leaders of companies that go from good to great start not with ‘where’ but with ‘who.’ They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats. And they stick with that discipline–first the people, then the direction– no matter how dire the circumstances.”

With the work that I do with my own companies, and with the leadership teams and individuals I advise, I always try and push their thinking about whether or not potential employees are the right people. Do they share your core values? Who are you at the core? You can read my previous blog post on the importance of this here. They can be great people, but if they don’t share your way of thinking and your values, they aren’t going to be the right fit for your company.

If they have the right core values, you also need to evaluate whether they’ll be sitting in the right seats. I have discussed this topic in previous blogs too (you can find them here). You need that person to do specific functions, so it’s really important that they are working in a role where they truly enjoy fulfilling those functions.

As my wife and I are in the process of creating a new business, we’re realizing that we need to practice what we preach. We need to find the right people for the right seats. So, as a simple example we’re going to show you the reality of our business, here’s the job description for a current open position at my company. This is blatant advertising, too: We are in the middle of a search to find the right person for this role, and for our company. If you know someone who you think might be a good fit, I’d ask that you share this position with them and send their information along.

Integrator/Business Development

Peer-Accountability Organization: Biz-Dev/Opps. (Virtual & PT)

Virtual Peer-Accountability Organization is looking for an experienced business development/operations manager and leader to help launch the company to the next level. This flexible position will begin as a part-time position with potential to grow in the future. The ideal candidate may currently be part-time self-employed, an independent contractor, a partial stay-at-home parent, or a retired person looking to re-enter the game. We are huge believers in the right people for the right seats.

We define the right people as people who share our core values:

  • Humbly Confident (Stand Tall)
  • Always Curious – Always Learning (Never Settle)
  • Embracing Life’s Adventures (Embraces the Next Step)
  • Living a Philosophy of Abundance (Always Helps First)
  • Own It (Reliable, Accountable & Consistent)

For this seat, we define the right seat as someone who loves & excels at:

  • Leading, managing and holding people accountable
  • Implementing ideas and building processes
  • Watching the numbers and driving the business
  • Pushes thinking and is willing to say “no”
  • Does what needs to be done to get to the next level

We believe when you combine the right people with the right seats, and they embrace the “why” we go to work every day, magic happens.

We define our “why” with these two statements:

Purpose:  Educating Individuals & Businesses to Identify and Achieve Success

Our Niche: Combining experienced professionals, quality education/facilitation & proven tools

If you feel you are a 100% ideal fit with all three of these areas, Core Values, Right Seat and our “Why”, we would love to talk with you.  If you do not, that is okay. We applaud you for knowing it. It doesn’t mean you aren’t great at what you do, it simply means we are not a great fit with this team.

We are grateful for you taking the time to review and consider this, and we look forward to hearing from those folks who are a great fit.

Stay tuned for another post next week on people and how to understand them (and their motivations) better than ever before.

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