“We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”

                                                                    – Bertha Calloway

We’ve ventured through the steps of goal-setting, narrowing down our dreams, and the importance of making time for ourselves and our partners. As you go through the weeks within your quarter, you’ll begin to see where you were more aggressive with your quarterly tasks and areas where you were way too easy. There may be places where you weren’t as clear as you should’ve been, or places where life ended up taking you on a completely different tangent. Either way, it’s all part of learning how to do this stuff, so be patient with yourself. But remember, tenacity wins.

When you arrive at the end of your first quarter, we advise that you have a set date in mind to meet. You may even plan a trip for this date. This could be as exciting as an adventure trip to getting a hotel in your town for a staycation/retreat. It’s ideal to get out of your normal routine and surroundings, come together (as Lennon and McCartney advised), review, and plan for the next quarter. We want you to be able to truly focus on your dreams and goals, not the dishes in the sink and the deck that needs a new coat of paint.

Once you’re settled and have the time to work on your plan, PLEASE take time to savor the victories. It’s far too easy for us say, “Okay, I got that done. What’s next?” Embrace what you’ve done and recognize what worked well. If life threw you some curve balls over the last 90 days, own it; the next 90 are still ahead of you. It’s also crucial to embrace what didn’t work, review it, own it, acknowledge it, and identify what can we improve upon for the next quarter.

I suggest you always ask yourself, “What would we have accomplished if we hadn’t set these objectives?” Ninety-nine percent of the time, you’ll realize they helped immensely.

Once you’ve taken a positive, yet pragmatic assessment of the previous quarter, it’s time to review your Goals and Bucket List, and create your new Quarterly Objectives and One & Dones. Remember to marinate on what you previously learned and focus on what you can do better this time as a couple.

Create those, go for a walk or out to dinner, and review them again when you return to it. Let your subconscious work on them a bit and refine them. When you’re done – great! Dive back into a weekly Touch Points routine.

Embrace the journey, embrace your partner, and embrace becoming your Best Self.

Is it time for you to reset for the quarter? We’ll be glad to help give you that extra push. Reach out now! No expectation or obligation.

Keep Smiling,


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