“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

– Vincent van Gogh


In earlier blogs, we examined why goals work, the benefits of creating a solid goals, how to visualize success, and the importance of establishing Quarterly Objectives. Now, it’s time to line ‘em up and knock ‘em down.

I’ve been a list maker my entire life. I’ve made comprehensive lists, sub-lists, short-term lists, long-term lists…AHHH…so many lists! As long as lists help you and don’t confuse the situation, using them can be highly beneficial. For our process, we embrace the idea of a “One & Done” List. We define a One & Done as simply a task that needs to be done; it’s not as big as a quarterly objective. Further, this needs to be something that you commit to getting done within this quarterly period.

What we’ve found is that as people go through this process and actually think about what they need to do to improve their lives, they often stumble over little things – little things that should be addressed, but are long forgotten or that were just kicked down the road. A great One & Done List will change that.

Starting with your initial assessment, you’ll begin uncovering all sorts of minute items. When you’re finished, you’ll have more bandwidth in your head to focus on those important Quarterly Objectives.

Here are some specific examples of ours:

  • Kris: Find and schedule four endurance events
  • Kris/Alex: Code the calendar
  • Reka: Set aside the second Sundays of the month for family dinners
  • Kris: Review wills
  • Reka: Print Cambridge family photos

The above cases may take a little time, but each task on its own is not that big. Once they’re completed, they’re done – movin’ on. The key concept to remember is that once they’re on the One & Done List, they won’t get lost, forgotten, or fall through the cracks. I’m comfortable in knowing those tasks have been memorialized somewhere.

It’s essential that one person is accountable for a specific task; this doesn’t mean they have to actually perform the task. For example, the second task listed above is designated to Kris/Alex. I’m accountable to make sure it’s completed, but my assistant, Alex, actually executed the task.

On a side note, I’m the most fortunate man on the planet to have a rock star like Alex to keep me on track and make all the behind-the-scenes things happen the way that she does. I’m truly grateful for you Alex. Thank you.

In upcoming posts, we’ll discuss “Opportunities & Challenges”, your “Bucket List”, and “Touch Points”. Touch Points involve a cadence when meeting with someone on a regular basis (weekly is ideal) to help ensure you’re doing what you committed to and that you’re staying on track.

Ready to build a list of one & dones? We’re here to help! Reach out anytime, no expectation or obligation.

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